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Complete Nutrition for Total Health

Safe, natural herbal health products!
(USA and Canada only)

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Included are products for:

 o Colon Cleanse, Detoxification,  Digestive Aid

 o Women's Problems, PMS, Menopause

 o Chemical Free Skin Cream
(superior beauty and massage cream, use also for skin problems, helps heal sunburn fast.)

 o Nutritional Supplements

 o Appetite and Food Cravings Control


A second preferred line of health products is available from Global Health Trax, Inc. (GHT).

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The products shown are Life Support , Nature's Turn, and Smart Magnets.

Life Support Products:

o Life Supports "Oxygen Elements Plus" is a highly recommended cellular oxygenation and water desinfection product. The product destroys molds, fungus and parasites. For best internal parasite fighting results use this product and also do an internal herbal colon cleanse and detox.
The same cell oxygenation product with silica facilitates deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix, aids in remineralizing the skeletal structure, aids in articular cartilage development, helps to strengthen connective tissue, supports the structure and increases the elasticity of blood vessels, helps to retain moisture
in tissue right under the skin which can help prevent wrinkles, and helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

o Also available are special blend vitamin liquid products with herbs, and mega minerals for less than half the cost than it would cost you to purchase these ingredients separately for a month supply.

Nature's Turn products are right for you if you are looking for:

o Colostrum Products, o Active Enzymes,
a Weight Management System,
Coral Complete (coral calcium and 72 trace elements),
Gold Label Noni Juice (by far, the most pleasant tasting Noni Juice available in the world! forested areas up
to 1,300 feet. Native Hawaiians have used the noni fruit for centuries. Noni juice is used to nourish people with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other degenerative ailments.);
o Mineral Milk Powder,
ProgestAroma (progesterone from wild yam - non-staining cream),
Threelac (the most effective candida defense product in the marketplace).


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