COMPENSATION, original plan:
Beginning Awareness Distributors earn 15% from the sale of the products and save an immediate 15% off the
retail price of the Awareness products which they purchase for their own use. After achieving 400 BV points
in the same month a Distributor promotes to Senior Distributor which means savings of 30%, and higher earnings
off referrals. When a Senior Distributor gets 2 Senior Distributors in separate "legs" the Distributor promotes to
Awareness Executive with retail sales savings of 35% and sales profits which include additional amounts from
performance bonuses and generation bonuses, and with every promotion the Distributor's earning's potentials
There is also a generous benefit package. "Dynamic Compression" pays up to infinity. This plan permits
the ordering of product by telephone or fax machine. This plan is listed at the forms page.

(BV for single bottles, original plan: Complete=11, Harmony=13, Experience=13, Family Size Clear=22, 
Female Balance=9,
  Mediterranean Synergy=7, Pure Gardens Cream=8).

All distributors on the original plan have access to their own free AwareOffice. This is a Web Site which is very useful for tracking and genealogy, from there the newsletter, the Fax On Demand, bulletins, updates, forms, etc., can all be  accessed. Even  product orders can be made online. Ordering online lowers the administration charges.

Compare the old and the new plan.            | New plan only

To Become an Awareness Distributor (USA and Canada only):

You can become a distributor without ordering product but you will have to pay an extra
processing fee for your Distributor Kit.  Therefore it is recommended that you order some
product when you make your distributor application.

If you want to become a Distributor in the original compensation plan you may call the
Awareness toll-free Order-line 1-800-831-0898 or 1-800-692-9273 (weekdays, 24 hours) and let
them know that you want to be a Distributor. You will have to use your Credit Card if you choose
this method.

If you do not have a credit card you may pay by check and order by fax or mail. This requires that you:

Contact me via e-mail* (, the Message board below or by mail if you have problems in
downloading the forms online. I shall then email you the desired forms.
* These forms contain all of the up to date
ordering, pricing, shipping and other required information.

2 types of order forms exist for Distributors, a USA Product & Sales Aids Order Form, and a
Canadian Product & Sales Aids Order Form.
Note: When you make your first order you require your Sponsor's I.D. Number. My Sponsor
I.D. # is: 904001 for the original plan, and 5920421 for the new Awareness Life plan.

Click here for the Forms Page.

* Expect a confirmation of your email, if that does not happen within a day please repeat your email.

Easy Toll Free Application And Ordering by Phone:

If you are able to purchase via your credit card you can phone in your Live Order (24 hrs, closed 10:00 pm
Saturday to 7:00 am Monday, Pacific Time),
apply for a distributorship and make an order at the same time;
1-800-831-0898 or 1-800-692-9273. Make note of and mention my Sponsor I.D. # 904001.
Every first time applicant must have a sponsor!
Please notify me by email if you have questions so that
I can give you the support and assistance which you deserve.
If possible, use the forms which you have
downloaded as a guideline for making your order.

O R D E R I N G:

Telephone Orders may be made "live" 24 hours (weekdays), dial 1-800-831-0898 or

A VIP Order Form is available for mail or fax orders. (This form also serves as a guide for
online orders and payment by credit card.)

Or order by Fax 24 hours, dial 1 800 257 9333 or 602 265 8825.

All first orders require a sponsor's ID #, mine is 904001. Please write this number down
before making
an order.

For testimonials dial this hotline now: 1-800-285-7305.

My mailing Address is: 
Ursula Kulju, 103 Bluerock Crescent, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 7B7, Canada   
Phone 519-620-2673. (Please call this number only if you are interested in the products and not for any other purposes).





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