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A) Advertise to the proper audience at the right time. Attempting to sell books to the illiterate, winter clothing
in summer, and roller blades to the elderly, for example, will get you nowhere. The best results always come
from target advertising.

B) Make your ads appealing to the readers. Tell them how they benefit from your offer.
Can your product provide the readers with positive feelings, happiness, security, power, better health, a better
appearance, more knowledge, or other benefits? Can it solve one or more problems?

C) If possible support your claims with endorsements testimonials, magazine articles, surveys, and case studies.

D) Get your readers to act! Tell them what to do. For example say: " Go to my website now,
send me e-mail, etc". A time limited free give-away will compell readers to act immediately.

E) Specified product advertisements receive fewer answers but tend to get more sales from the

The partially qualified ad gets readers interested but they need to contact you for the full details.

Blind ads "Make a Million Dollars In Six Month" appeal to the curious, they get the largest
responses but not necessarily the most sales.

Ads which answer questions. If you have always wanted to know . . ., we can give you the answer.

If you find the right target audience for this type of advertising, these ads tend to do well and many
who respond will order.

Use of Words

Words create images in the reader's mind. Some words are more powerful than others, they
create better images than other words. Use power-pull-words. These are words which get
people to react because they have feelings attached to themselves.

Certain experts believe that the most powerful words for advertising purposes are:

You, save, easy, discover, guaranteed, proven, results, money, profitable, valuable,
love, safety, quality, reliable, health, special, free, gift, new, improved.

Make yourself a record of the best words.
Study advertisements to which you feel attracted and borrow words from them. Add them to
your list. Use them.

When you advertise, show good taste and be aware of the fact that advertising on the internet can get you
into trouble. How would you like to wind up on the Blacklist of Internet Advertisers? Here you will also
find some tips on how to search and find those scum-bags who forge their email address or use someone
elses email address. Irresponsible advertisers make life more difficult for all responsible marketers, don't
even consider joining them.

Marketing on the Internet, Internet Marketing, use of signature files, using e-mail as a marketing tool, Marketing Suggestions.

Marketing Tips

Use of Email Signatures

It is highly recommended that you create a email signature file and use it whenever you send email. The
signature text appears at the end of your email. This is not considered to be in bad taste. Your signature
file, if properly phrased, is actually a small commercial for your web site, service or product.

When you post to newsgroups or a discussion list your little commercial is carried to many people. These
little commercials can become powerful tools.

Include your URL and email if you wish, it makes it easy for readers to access your site or email,
because sending them away makes them clickable. Test this by sending the signature file which
you have created to yourself first.

Don't make your signature file too long. Your first line should be a horizontal line which separates your
signature from the body of your message.

Here is an example of a simple signature file:

Bobby Bart's Paperworks Internet Sales Company presents a site to remember:
Call toll-free: 800-phone number

It is simple and effective. Yet, this marketing tool is often overlooked.
Even discussion groups which forbid commercials don't object to this email addition.

Marketing on the Internet, Internet Marketing, use of signature files, using e-mail as a marketing tool, Marketing Suggestions.

How to Complain About Bothersome Mass Emailings (Revised Information!)
Responsible marketing is great. Unfortunately some software programs make it easy for others to
find your email address together with many other addresses and send out bulk-mail. In the past I
recommended that you should request to be taken off the mailing list, but since spammers now are
sending out email messages just to check for good mailing addresses, I suggest that you do not
waste your time. Requesting to be taken off the mailing list can bring in an endless flood of spam.
The simplest and best thing to do is to add filters and delete.

If you want to waste your time you can complain to the ISP via the postmaster's address. Send
a copy of the entire message and request action! The ISP postmaster's address starts with
"postmaster" as in this example: postmaster@carenot.net.
If the offenders  have their own domain  however, you just wind up complaining to the offenders.

Often  people use somebody elses email-address, or they spam with the email-address and URL
of the competition, hoping to have their site banned from the web or at least  lose  their good
placement positions with the Search Engines when the web-space provider cancels the account
on account of that malicious spam. The sad fact is that free site administrators routinely fall
for this scam and punish the innocent party. This is probably the most compelling reason
for owning a Domain.

The following free software for WinNT/Win95 marks unsolicited bulk-spammer-email before it gets
to your in-box.  Read the details and download it at: SpammerSlammer

If you want to make it more difficult for Spam-bots to collect your email address from your pages I
suggest that you create a special page for your email address, and make it a Java-Scripted page.
If you click on the email address belonging to this site you will see what I mean. You could also place
a *-symbol just ahead of your email address and request that it be removed before sending the mail.
Example: *sendme@suchmail.com

Special Note: In the event that for no fault of mine this free site gets cancelled and these pages have
to be moved, please be aware that there is an index to my sites at my domain-site which is:
luckybear.com . Any changes will be listed there. If you find this site useful please bookmark or
remember "luckybear.com" and you are all set.
Marketing on the Internet, Internet Marketing, use of signature files, using e-mail as a marketing tool, Marketing Suggestions.

Where To Advertise:
For a List of Free Classified Advertising Sites and FFA sites click here.

You may also wisht to use Usenet Newsgroups for your advertising.  Stick with the FORSALE, BIZ, BUSINESS & ALT Newsgroups for this purpose and only advertise if your product or service fits in or else you will 
be blacklisted as a spammer.

What are Newsgroups?
Let me give you an example: Dan "posts" a message to the newsgroup. That message gets distributed all over the world. It'll be sent to thousands of different "news servers" and kept there for days, weeks, or months, depending on how the news server is set up. Then others can post replies to Dan's message if they want to.


Ezine ads are also a good way to reach a large number of people for a low cost because you can easily
target your audience. But don't subscribe to too many ezines, rather select a few and cancel those which
are not to your liking. Replace these with new ones. Then select the ones most suitable for your

Marketing on the Internet, Internet Marketing, use of signature files, using e-mail as a marketing tool, Marketing Suggestions.

Check out the following site if you are looking for even more information than what is given here, but
bookmark this page first so that you are able to return: Free Business Education on the Web

Marketing on the Internet, Internet Marketing, use of signature files, using e-mail as a marketing tool, Marketing Suggestions.

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