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Learning and Fun Sites For Children  
(and young people of any age, and for parents who want to raise smart kids)

Many thanks to all the good people who have made this collection of sites for
children and young
adults possible!

Children's Homework Help Site A great site for children

Parent, Click Here to find out if YOUR CHILD is ready to read.
  Jack in a box

Nursery Rhyme Land / . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dreamhouse Nursery Rhymes /

WORLD VILLAGE, safe playground / IDEA BOX /
FUNSCHOOL (preschool educational games) /
Johnny's and Rachel's Playground /

Midlink Magazine / National Geographic's KIDS NetWORK /  Toon Disney Watch shows and movies /

U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal  / Interactive Online Activities These are internet resources directed at students and hosted by museums, science centres, government agencies, etc. /

Lost in the Woods, 9 Rules for Survival /

The Nature of Water  There is a lot to learn here about water. / The ABC's of Engergy Education    

Studyweb /  

Interactive Math
to help students improve their math skills  / Ask Dr. Math  / S.O.S. Math /
Mr. Glosser's Math Goodies / A Short Course in Fundamental Problem Solving /
The Next Generation of Problem Solving Teach/Learn HOW TO solve problems! /
Interactive Internet Learning Activities for Students in Junior Grades /

Sandlot Science  At Sandlot Science there's a fun and interactive collection of many optical illusions and puzzles.
How Stuff Works  Here they tell you how everything works! It's quite a site and a fountain of knowledge for older children and adults.

The Piano Education Page * (A one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with over 450 pages of free information) /

Welcome to Teen Center /

Chatroom   for 9 through 13 year old people /

Books On-Line:
51 Stories to Tell to Children: CLICK
Story Hour on the Internet: CLICK
Grimm's Fairy Tales (209 tales): CLICK
Alice's Adventure in Wonderland: CLICK
Andersen Fairy Tales: CLICK
Gulliver'sTravels: CLICK
The Arabian Nights: CLICK
Struwwelpeter: CLICK
Childrens' Books Online, a collection of beautifully illustrated Childrens' Stories in multiple languages.

19th Century School Book, Third Reader, for use of schools

Single Stories:
The Slouch in the Couch (with colorful pictures)

Bedtime-Stories For Busy Parents /

Candlelight Stories / The Adventures of Herman /

Encyclopedia Online /

CLASSIC (for the young and not so young) /
ALL MIXED UP (classic games) /  Larry's Sketch   /   Candystand /
FOX Kids  / Online Hangman Game and courses to study  / Rugrats games and sounds  /
Children's Card Games

Cool Math Stuff / Math Magic  (team challenge) /

Site for Parents with Dysfunctional Children  / 

Webkids Network  This site is geared to Entertain Moslem Children

Wholesome Crafts and Activities:
KinderArt  /  Crafts For Kids From The Mining Co. / The Activity Cupboard /
Art For Kids From The Mining Co. / The Incredible Art Department /
JayZeeBear Fun Activities / Coloring Book Online  /  Jolly Time  /   
Fold a Paper Village / How To Make a Pop-Up  / Kites /
Make A Shadow Puppet Theater  /  Professor Bubbles Cool Bubble-Page  /
Build It Yourself - Encouraging Children To Make Their Own Toys (With Plans) /
Building Songbird Boxes /   Great Craft Ideas Infomart Crafts for Children  /
Ursula's Links to Hobbies and Crafts (Entertainment for the young and the old) /

Nature, Adventure, Exploring:

PICTURE DICTIONARY WITH LINKS (English, English-French, English-Spanish)
All About Dinosaurs / All About Bats / Knowledge On-Line / Early Childhood /
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia /
Discovery Channel / Exploratorium / Gardening For Children /
The Bug Club / Nature Walk, a very nice site with sound and pictures /
Wildlife and Nature Photography  /

Reading Basics Phonics online activities, stories and more which can help your child to become a good reader /
Starfall Learn-to-read Program, Primarily designed for first grade, also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade, perfect for home schooling.

Jim Reed's Home Teaching Site Grade 7 and up /

Homeschooling Association of California  / Homeschool Central, High School and Beyond /
Christian Liberty Academy /
Catholic Homeschool Sites for the US and Canada /

The Colorado Homeschooler  / A to Z Home's Homeschooling /
Parenting: / This site provides information and support to all parents so that they may more confidently meet the numerous challenges of parenthood. The site has a lot to offer. The article topics are excellent.
Infomart How to Help Children / Here parents can learn how to cut their children's hair, help improve the child's handwriting, how to help a shy child and more.

Starting Babies on solids / Making Baby Food at Home /

Find Schools, Public and Private Worldwide:  CLICK HERE

An Amazingly Brilliant Educational Site That Starts Out With "Nothing"

College, University, and Scholarship Information for Students:
Education Page # 1 / Education Page # 2 /


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