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Helpful Hints, Free Services And Resources:

Are you new to the Internet?
Check out the following site, you may find answers to many of your questions, book-mark this site first
so that you will find your way back:

Newcomers, you can get your compression/decompression utility for Windows zip-files for free Here. (Link updated March 2002)   You cannot use many files which you download unless you "unzip" them first.   

Computer Tips and Tricks

Here is your opportunity to learn some neat tricks for your PC:

 Cheap Computer Tricks 
You can get helpful tricks like this in print, which is very handy. Discover how to master your computer,
don't let the computer get control over you!

Click on the "Sneak Preview" Link for some more tricks for your PC!

Malek Tips  is a free source of computer information providing tips on how to properly maintain a
computer, how to stay out of trouble, and how to develop a website. Make sure you have this site
book marked so that you will be able to return.

How to Create Web pages Using Free Software and On-line Services

There is a very simple program (freeware) available which creates web-pages effortless. It is uncomplicated,
permits the addition of pictures, and creates links automatically. You will have to download it, but you can make
your page off-line, the WEB Wizard.   This program does not create Meta-tags however. These can however
be added by you manually if the page is loaded into an online HTML Editor. Most 'free sites' provide such an editor.
Meta tags is information meant for search engines which you put in the head of a HTML page. The above mentioned
freeware wizard was no longer available at the given location. If somebody knows another location where it can be
found, please send this information to the webmaster. A free HTML editor called SiteAid can be downloaded
. There is no support for this program. Most Freeware web editors available are for advanced programmers.

At this site you may download several. A fine small editor for learners is the DiDa HTML Editor. It can be run off a

Some 'free sites' such as Angelfire provide an on-line editor which permits beginners who want a page on the
Internet to get started immediately. This is the method which most novices prefer. It enables them to make
themselves familiar with the creation of simple web-pages and have them on the Internet while they learn
to understand HTML language. It is highly recommended that you make yourself familiar with HTML language.

To give you an idea what an on-line editor can do for you have a look at this WebSpawner page. You can make
a page instantly online and have it automatically placed on the Internet for you when you are finished with it. At
the bottom of that page you will find a link to the "Page-Machine". Other online editors will help you make simple
web pages which you can save to your computer, but you will have to get your own hosting company to put your
pages online. One of the better online editor is the LPMP Editor.

An older version of the Internet Explorer Browser comes with "FrontPage Express", a simple editor. It can
be used to create reasonable web-pages. In the opinion of this writer, however, "Netscape Gold" is still the
best free wysiwyg  editor of them all. It has now been replaced with the "Communicator", but uses  less hard-drive
space and code is simple to add. You may still be able to download it from Netscape's archives. (Wysiwyg stands
for: What you see is what you get).

The Netscape Composer is a wysiwyg editor that comes with the Communicator Browser. If you do not require
to save disk-space get it at: . With this editor, when including images
which link to other sites check "leave image at the original location" before saving any changes or it will alter the IMG
SRC code.

1st Page 2000 is a fully featured free HTML wysisyg editor that you should download to your computer while it
is available for free. It's a very professional HTML editor. Besides being able to create and edit your HTML files
using a syntax highlighted editor, it comes with JavaScript wizards and loads of JavaScripts and VBScripts, CGI
Scripts, a colour picker, image size calculator, etc. The feature list is extremely long. It will work with Windows 95,
98 and NT. You will want to use this fine free editor when you feel that your knowledge of HTML has reached the
advanced stage.

When it comes to browsers, the Internet Explorer Browser is far more prone to be invaded by a virus
or trojan horse than the Netscape Browser.

Every HTML file follows this basic structure:

<TITLE>Your Web Page Title</TITLE>
<BODY>The content of your web page goes between the two BODY tags

A Great Teaching Site for Novices, HTML coding. Contains much information which you have to know
if you want to learn how to create your own web-pages from scratch and put them on the Internet. Click here.

Understanding HTML.  Free lessons for web page design. A thorough step by step approach. Click here.

HTML Course. A complete course in building a web page from start to finish!

Uploading Your Page
If you have saved the Web-page which you created to your computer's drive you will have to upload it to a
Server. This is most commonly done via an FTP program. These are available as shareware and sometimes as
freeware. A few spaces down you will find a link which leads you to FTP Client download sites.

Final Tips
Start out with simple pages and keep improving them as your HTML knowledge increases. When you are
ready to add Java scripts or Java Applets you will be able to add special effects to your site which make them stand out.

Small pictures can also enhance your site. It is not a good idea to include many medium sized or large pictures
because they slow down the loading time of a page. It is also best to use both the Netscape and Explorer browsers so that
you can check your page out in both browsers. Sometimes two pages are necessary, one made for the Explorer and one
for Netscape as in this example: click here.

WEBalley - web publishing for beginners    is a site which provides excellent html and beginners
tutorials and web design guides. It has free templates for home pages, an online home page wizard, and other goodies for webmasters. This is a top notch site and sure to be helpful to beginners. Highly recommended.

Message to WEBTV owners
Webtv owners can have web pages too. Because we are computer users we are not able to do a good
job in explaining this. But  you can find the information which you require at Ronbow's Web TV resources page. click here.

Webmasters and Surfers, Beware of Spyware!
Spyware sneaks into our machines without our knowledge or permission. These programs may track your browsing
habits and monitor what you are listening to. Spyware may alter your web browser settings or e-mail signatures. Parasitic spyware programs are being exposed and removed by the free Ad-aware free multi-spyware removal program. Some of
these parasites listed are: Adware, Alexa 1.0-5.0, Aureate v1.0,2.0 + 3.0, Comet Cursor v1.0 and v2.0, Cydoor, Doubleclick, DSSAgent, EverAd, eZula, Expedioware, Flyswat, Gator, Hotbar 1+2, OnFlow, TimeSink v1.0,v2.0
and v5.0, Web3000, Webhancer, Transponder,Wnad, ZapSpot, and others.

Computer parasites are harmful to your computer, parasites which are harmful to your body must be removed by an appropriate drug or better yet a good time proven cleanse and rebuild program which uses only natural herbal blends.
The products which we recommend are doing the job very well and they are safe. They can, unfortunately only be
purchased in the US and Canada. Because the anti-parasite site is undergoing major, lengthy reconstruction , if you want
to know more about body parasites and how to fight them, please send email to the webmaster and request the information. Make sure you mention that you came from this site ""!  The
inclusion of this URL is necessary so that we know what kind of information we have to send to you.

The following services will submit your URLS entirely for free:

Submit your page to 34 sites for free! requires a link back to your site and your URL's submissions to popular sites are FREE!

CLICK HERE for a list of other free submission services. You will also find the
manual submission
sites for all the popular Search Engines and a few additional ones
here.  Many do not require a
link-back to their site.

How would you like to see what other people are searching for?
Watch what people are searching for!
Or go to Ask Jeeves which has added a real time look at searches.

Want to Know who is linking to your page?
Alta Vista shows you who is linking to your page. Go to the ALTA VISTA SEARCH ENGINE, type:
link:http://your URL (and submit!)

A free Link Popularity online tool looks up all links to your site in  Google,  Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity.  Click Here.


The following Free Services and Tools are highly recommended. Webmasters can find 
these really useful:
Since the great dot com crisis began, good quality free stuff has become somewhat scarce and is more difficult to find than it used to be.

Anyone in need of business forms may find them here for free. There is even the  possibility of free 
legal advice.  Cyber Lawyer
If you have a web-site you will want to use banners and buttons. There now exists a comprehensive 
site which gives basic instructions and makes available a large selection of  free banner-backgrounds.
There are also links to on-line banner generators and compression programsClick Here
Revolutionary Smart Responders doing multiple responses, absolutely FREE to use! Plus earn to 30% resale 
on ad-free version.  Click Here
Get a permanent FREE email account with auto responder  from   BIGFOOT
Do you need a form for your web-site? Get  it at   Feedback Forms
50 mb of disk storage are yours to claim for FREE at:  Files Anywhere Their automatic file compression speeds up downloads.
resources for businesses

Get for free 125 mb of disk storage and file sharing as well from Kturn. No strings attached. A generous offer.

Download a FREEWARE FTP Client from Freeware Publishing (large selection)  -   or look   Here
Get a free web counter from Pagecount , other counters
Mind-it URL-minder. This free service informs your customers automatically of updates to your pages. 
For this service contact:   Mind-it
A site which  gives you FREE FAX SERVICE, Fax by internet, General fax utilities available. Get it at:   KeyScreen
Get FAXES and VOICEMAIL by email - FREE. A phone number will be assigned to you, Toll free numbers are available in the US for a small fee. A great service. Click Here
Free Online Virus Scanning. Made available by  Trend Micro
Free Website Tools and Services  by Bravenet and maybe get paid for clicks. 
Free Newsletter keeps you informed on Search Engine positioning, also download top rated software that's geared to help any webmaster stay on top. 30 day free trial. If you decide to purchase the software later, please do it from this site and this link. Click here
Even if you are  good at spelling, it is advisable to have your spelling double-checked. It seems more 
difficult to notice spelling errors on a computer screen than on paper. Doctor HTML does more 
than just check spelling. You can have your entire page analyzed. Take advantage of this excellent free service..
Keyword Count is a nice free online tool making it possible  for you to compare the word frequency 
between any two web pages.  You may want to compare your page's keywords with those on the  page 
that comes up first in your category at any of the search engines.
Jimtools Keyword Tool searches for keywords and serves you a list of related keywords. Use it for free.
WordTracker. This service assists you in finding the best keywords for your web pages. You may try it for free as often as you want as long as you use different words. You will love this service if you aim for targeted traffic.
Website Ranking, Link Checking and a variety of searches which are useful to web marketers are waiting for you at "".              
File Splitter. Can split files up to 2GB. This program is perfect when you wish to split the files up to email because your ISP does not allow sending large attachments. Or maybe you are splitting large log files, and you want to make sure each piece can be viewed easily without decompression or perhaps the files are mp3s . This program puts your files back together again. It does not compress them. You will have to use a zip program to compress these files if that's what you want.
Metatag Generator: Create the metatags for your web pages free online. This site even lets you select free entrance and exit transitions for your web page. Pretty neat! You must paste the result into the head section of your newly created web page.
If you are interested in creating an image from text you can do it online for free of course at: "".
Frames.   Are you fed up because your pages get stuck in other  people's frames?
Look at the Java  Script insert in the Head section of this page which uses the following script:

         <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
         if (window != top) top.location.href = location.href;
         // -->

This code will clear your page out of frames automatically! Just paste it in the "Head" area of your pages.

Search Engines, Recommendation: Pay Search Engines search for paid advertisements first. This means that they may be matching only a tiny part of or related to a query. This gets frustrating to those of us who are looking for content of relevance. When  we run into  pay-for click sites we  will probably not find the best content or even relevant content.  Instead of using a Search Engine we are dealing with a Spam Engine with a commercial ax to grind in the opinion of this writer.  The worse the algorithm of a "pay per click" search engine is the more revenue  the owners of these Search Engines earn from paid for keywords advertising.
It  has been  getting more difficult to find relevant content than it was in the past.  One little known Engine who is trying to improve search results through cluster technology  is,  Vivísimo is meant for those of us who are browsing and are looking for an overview.  If you have problems finding interesting and
useful web sites try  this site: .  You can save yourselves countless hours of search time .
Mouseover Tooltips in the shape of small colored popups can easily be generated for your web page via this online DHTML Tooltip Generator.

A Newsbox Designer and Generator that creates a custom newsbox for your site is waiting for you to take advantage of  it  here.
Sites which provide news content for your newsbox are being listed here.  If you have your own unique content, by all means use it!

Once you have mastered the basics of creating your own pages you can become an EXPERT by  studying  the incredible amount of tips and examples which are given away for free at,  an absolutely  fabulous site. Be  warned though that it requires a lot of time to go through all the links.  Nevertheless, if you need Internet, Windows and Programming Tips, there  probably does not exist a  better site on the Internet.

If you cannot find it here, it is probably not interesting or informative!
Prizes, Games, Fun, Hobbies, Education, News, Financial, On-Line Books,
Internet Radio/TV, Freedom Sites, Occult, Youth-Entertainment,
Job Search/Offers and much more, find it all at Ursula's Outstanding


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