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All of the suggested software is not normally available in retail stores.
Free trials or conditional return policies are common features of most or
all of the suggested software.
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Pick #1 Superb learning and memorizing software for students and adults.

Pick #2:  Learning software for children.

Pick #3:  Investors' software.  Do some investment detective work and invest wisely!

Pick #4:   Online Detective / Private Eye software.

Pick #5:   Software that helps speed up your computer.  Get blistering fast Internet access.

Pick #6:   Software for Webmasters who must have their sites found by others.

Pick #7:   Software for Webmasters.  Key words selection software.

Pick #8:   Roxburgh Securities Software for investment tracking and forecasting.

Pick #9:   *

Pick #10: *

Pick #11: *

Pick #12: *

Pick #13:  This is not software but a course. We recommend it here
because it is of interest to those who want to make money in real estate by 
setting up their own independent real estate investment company with lease
to purchase options.

* Software which we are still testing or which is not available at this time.

#1:  Learning and memorizing like magic. This software helps students
get excellent grades. Features purchase price earn-back offer so that everybody
can afford it. The featured site also offers other learning programs through tapes.
Don't get side-tracked here. Click on the "Products" link first. Enter.
#2:  Teach your children reading before they enter school, using the old
fashioned phonics teaching method. Wonderful for home schooling parents.
This software is also great for adults who have reading problems.  Makes a great
gift. Another program teaches mathematics. Can you afford not to check out
this site? Enter. You may become an affiliate reseller  of this software: Enter.
#3:  This software helps you avoid investment mistakes and avoid scams. It
is vital for online investors.  You will learn to trade like a pro and learn about
trusts, options, futures,  asset protection, funds, bonds, retirement investing,
get connected to financial news, and more. A good way to increase your
investing IQ. To learn more: Enter.
#4:  Get amazing results in your search for information. Find out everything
you have always wanted to know about other people. Find lost friends and loved
ones. Track down your enemies. Search the FBI files. Get credit reports, etc.,
these are just a few examples of what you can do with this software. Enter.
#5:  There are ways that can make your computer work blistering fast without
having to pay for expensive broadband access.  This cheap software speeds up
DSL, Cable, and AOL  Internet  Surfing! (Does not work with Macintosh). Faster
web speed is guaranteed. 90 day money back guarantee. What a find! Enter.
#6:  This software makes site submission easy and helps improve a site's
position on the web.  Save time and learn the strategies that put your web pages
to the top of the Search Engines.  You get a percentage of the purchase price back
for your referrals.  Recommended for serious web site positioning. Free Newsletter.
Teaching you how to not have to spend advertising Dollars! Enter.
#7:  Finding the best key words for your web site is one of the aspects of
attracting targeted viewers, it's a must for target marketing online.  Unfortunately
you can't purchase the software that does all the work but you can use the service
that it creates.  Try it:  Enter.  Better yet go the the main site and read it. Enter.
#8:  Do you know what an Elliot Curve is? Are you a sophisticated investor
who has a lot of money at stake? Do you want to be able to chart, track, forecast,
move in and out of investments at the right time.  Roxburgh Securities has just
the right software for you. Utilize the Internet for your investment adavantage.
We truly do live in great times.  Enter.

Also visit our free software site which contains links to  free software which
you can download from the Internet. The software which is being given
away at these sites is frequently adware, beta software, software which is
useful but some of the features are disabled,  and  shareware, some of which
is nonag.

Do not download scumware!  Scumware's negative side effect is that it misleads
you and prevents you from finding the sites that you are looking for.  Instead you
will be misdirected to their advertisers' sites, even pornography and you
will get locked in!  This is about as unethical as it can get and the companies who
operate like this will hopefully soon be criminally prosecuted.  If you are using
this software on your computer best uninstall it immediately.
The following software has been reported to be scumware: KaZaa, Gator,
Top Text.
Uninstalling these programs completely has been made difficult. There is a free
online program that helps remove some of what the uninstall program would not
do. You can get it  here.




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