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Increase Your Hits Through Reciprocal Links

If you exchange a links with me, I will exchange a link with you. Sites with sexual adult content are excluded. Try to keep your text to a minimum. I reserve the right to cut the size of any submitted text. A banner's size may also be reduced!
You can exchange text links (preferred), banners, or buttons.

General code for reciprocal text links:

<a href="">Ursula's Outstanding Links to Non-Sex Based Subjects</a>The
Site which Offers Something for Everybody! Don't miss it!<br>
<a href="">Ursula's Outstanding Links,</a> something for everybody, an
absolute MUST SEE site!<br>

If you would like to link via a text-link to this site, paste the above text to your reciprocal link page. Send me your information via e-mail. Subject: " reciprocal link".

    If you prefer to exchange a banner-link:

Please copy the following banner to your site and make a clickable link to the URL

Reciprocal links, cool links, outstanding links, reciprocal links, links exchanges, exchange of links

If yours is a business or income opportunities related site your reciprocal link should reflect the following banners or codes:

Alternative banners and/or text to use for reciprocal links pages:

Entrepreneur's Favorite Business Help Site, A Business Opportunity Bonanza.

Alternative banner 1)
Please copy the above banner to your site and create a link for it to:

For a text-link ONLY paste this text to your site:

<A HREF="">Entrepreneur's Favorite Business Help Site,</a> A Business Opportunity Bonanza!<br>

Alternative banner 2)
Please copy one of the above 2 banners to your site
(the 2nd banner takes less than 10 mb) and link it to:

Alternative banner 3)
Please copy the above banner to your site and link it to:

Note: If you wish to use the reciprocal links site URL at your site you will  in return have to post your reciprocal links site.

For Reciprocal Links arrangement click here.

Alternative banners 4) & 5)
Please copy one of the above banners to your site and link it to:

Text link:
<a href="">Ursula's Reciprocal Links Site,</a> A nice assortment of text and banner links is waiting for your clicks.<br>

Button for button-exchanges.


The above button should be linked to: <>.
The dimensions of this image are 31 X 88

Note: If you are interested in a Button Exchange you must have a button of a similiar size, otherwise please select a banner from the above selection.

For those of you who do not know how to link a banner or button, here are the basics:

Create a code like this:

<A HREF="http://the URL to the appropriate site.html"><IMG SRC="http://the URL where you placed the image/image.gif"> BORDER=1 HEIGHT=? WIDTH=?></A><BR>





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