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You Can be Your Own Detective!

Trace your family history, locate old friends.   Find out anything about anybody! 
Download:  NET DETECTIVE!   click here

People everywhere have problems meeting the right partner. There is a partner finding and matching service available online (below) that has apparently beaten all the others in its ability to put the most compatible people together.
In a perfect world that would be enough, however this is not a perfect world. Therefore it is advisable to check out the background of the person you want to get serious with. It does not have to be expensive, you can do the investigation work yourself via the Net Detective Program.

Find a Mate

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Invest in Your Health, 2 Programs to Choose From!

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Nutritional health products and supplements for those who are looking for both quality and low prices. Shop by health topic, by brand, or by category. Internal cleansing products, cholesterol lowering herbal products, a blood pressure formula, skin products, Essiac, and much more:
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Health Program # 2

A)  Flood Your Cells Safely with Healthy Oxygen. As we get older our oxygen assimilation from the air slows down, but oxygen in the blood helps destroy pathogens and parasites and cleanses the cells, even fights acne. An oxygen rich environment is said to be vital for the maintenance of good health (look for Oxygen Elements Plus). Silica Plus is the same product with added silica supplementation to help increase collagen one for bone support which is very important as our bodies age. Since you only need several drops a day the product is quite affordable.

B)  Alkalize your Body and look after your digestion (search for ThreeLac under Nature's Turn Products). An excessive yeast overgrowth in the human body may lead to a shorter life span. ThreeLac provides healthy bacteria and vitamins that may be used to keep bad yeasts under control. It is pleasently lemon flavored and should provide relief when you're not feeling well after meals.

Other products at this site:
Colostrum, Noni Juice, Active Enzymes, Silica Plus, Weight Adjustment System, Liquid Mineral and Vitamin Combination Products, Progestaroma and others.

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Also check out the site which contains other  Health Center Links.

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Special featured product, herbal preparation known for its positive effect on sexuality, for men and women.

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Canadian Prescription Drugs

Compare these prices with other Pharmacies and check out the large selection!
US residents can save from 40 to 90% on their prescription drugs. A great find!
You heard them talk about it, here it is!

  Top 5 drugs:
1) Prilosec 2) Norvasc 3) Lanoxin 4) Lipitor 5) Celebrex  

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Get the Best Phone Rate! Why Pay More?
Discount Telecommunication Services. Deeply discounted international long distance rates. Save a fortune with Cognigen. International Telecommunications agents wanted.
Low cost worldwide long distance Kallback. No need to switch phone companies!

Calling Cards, Dial-Arounds, Cellular Services and more.
The Only Phone Service You Need for Saving Money!

Many Money Saving Communication Related Services and quality low cost Internet Access.
Worldwide Savings and Income Opportunities from multiple streams. Earn 4 levels deep!

Check out the Best Rate Search Engine which also shows the competitors' rates:

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Cheap CD's, Great Subjects


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National Alert Registry, tracks S*ex Offenders,

NAR, contains the names and addresses of all REGISTERED SE*X* OFFENDERS. Parents can find out if there are s*ex* offenders living in their neighborhood, or even next door. School officials can now track offenders in their area.

So, how is this different from all the other lists of s*ex* offenders that are on the net? Here's how!

1) It maps the PRECISE LOCATION of all the offenders in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

2) It sends you an EMAIL WARNING whenever a new offender moves in to your neighborhood.

     O R D E R   N O W

This is a brand new program. Keep checking until pre-launch is over if link does not work.

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System Detective:
Is somebody watching you when you are online? Find out before it's too late! System Detective detects all known spyware that may be MONITORING your EVERY MOVE. Protect your Family, your Privacy, your Job and your Freedom! Click here for peace of mind.


Make Online Payments:
PayPal Signup: Send or receive money instantly with PayPal through your email address. You need a checking account or a credit card to make payments. You can elect to receive payments by check. Signup for your free PayPal Account!

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Program to Speed up Your Slow Computer

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