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Individual submissions are slow, but some excellent advertising sites will not accept automatic submissions of advertisements.
Keep in mind that it is likely that your advertisements are actually being read, especially by people who make personal submissions to these sites.
If you want good responses to your advertising do not neglect the manual-submission classified sites!

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will still be of
use to you even if the vendor goes out of business!

, Free Classifieds, up to 2 months.
          1st Imagemall, up to 8 weeks

This URL connects to a FFA Webring: Webring

If you desire your very own Free FFA Page or Classifieds Page or a number of other great Web-tools,
please go to the bottom of  the RESOURCES page  and click on the banner there! CGI-knowledge
is not required and the ad-pages make it possible for you to use your own banners!

For all of you who are in a hurry!
(automatic or semi-automatic online submitting)
Try them out and keep using those services which bring you the best results over and over again.

    @Submit provides free one-form-submissions to at least 30 search engines and directories.
    AdSubmit, free submissions to 500+ Classified Ad Submission Forms., permits free submission of your ad to several thousand pages for one to two days.
    Announce-O-Matic, free submission in real time to 300 FFA, Classified sites, and Search Engines.
    FFA Net,  free submission to over 4500 FFA Links.
    FFA-USA, free FFA link publishing service to over 500 sites.
    This FFA URL Submission Script  quickly submits your URL for free to 60 or more Free For All Sites.
    Free Classified Ads Submissions to 6,500+ Classified Ad Sites.
    VirtualPromote Jim Tool Free Online FFA Submitter. Submits to approximately 160 pages. Site also provides for submissions to Directories and Search Engines.
    The  'GIGANTIC FFA Net Submitter' submits an URL to a very large database of FFA Pages.
    Link-o-matic free automatic trial submissions.
    Linkstation  has come online with a huge database of FFA sites and Free Search Engine submission.
    Links2U submits your site for free to almost 150,000 directories. As with Search Engines, do not submit
your site to directories more than once a month.
    Linksubmit provides free submission to over 500 FFA sites.
    Submit-It-Daily,  free submission to more than 3,000 high traffic links pages.
    Autolinkpro, free submission to hundreds of FFA pages.
    The Webmasters popular free submission site submits your website to the top free links sites and
simultaneously also to 49 top search engines. They no longer accept Home Business and related
sites free of charge. If you have a non-business page which has links to your Business Opportunities
page however, you may submit it.   Get  lifetime automatic free promotion for your web site here.

     One big problem with automated FFA submissions is the large volume of email which pours into
your mailbox via autoresponders. There is a solution: Get a free web-based email address which
you use only for these type of submissions and then delete the content of your mailbox often.
Ayhan Hayirodly's web-page has a nice list of free e-mail services.

You will probably experience better responses from ads which you submit individually or via the
SubZero Program than the online automated submissions. If you have a web site you will appreciate
the ease of advertising and the good results which can come from the next group of advertising methods.

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You may also want to use Usenet Newsgroups for your advertising. Stick with the FORSALE, BIZ, BUSINESS & ALT Newsgroups for this purpose and only advertise if your product or service fits in, otherwise you will be blacklisted as a "spammer".
Newsgroup advertising is time-consuming, especially if you have to look for the right newsgroup first. Unless you are already involved in a newsgroup which is "hungry" for your product or idea, advertising there should not be a priority.
The largest newsgroups are international, have hundreds of regular participants ("posters"), and tens of thousands of regular readers.

For some basic advertising tips click here.

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